Spotlight on Divine Feminine Moon Muser Michelle

Divine Moon Muser Michelle Buckley Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul is a 4 week online eClass taught by Kathy Crabbe at Wise Woman University.

Divine Feminine Moon Muser Michelle Buckley is bursting with a multitude of creative and intuitive ideas. She is a self professed "Creative Soul and Down To Earth Skippy Chick Who likes to dust her wings off and fly often" and her delightful soul has brought much joy, inspiration and powerful presence to our Divine group of Soul siSTARS. She is the creatrix of Ashavera Designs, Shima Crystals, and MPress along with the upcoming Oshun inspired sensual Goddess Kit. Michelle is definitely a powerful Divine Feminine presence to watch out for.

Divine Moon Muser Michelle Buckley Website: Pinjarra, Western Australia

Michelle had this to say about the Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul eClass:

Kathy, quite simply is Divine!  Perfectly timed, I came across Kathy’s website as I stood at the edge of the next chapter in my life. Feeling disconnected from my true self I intuitively knew that to bring about the changes I sought, I needed to go within to find love for self and access the Divine Feminine that is all women.

Signing up for Kathy’s e-course to do just this has taken me on a transformational adventure tour.

Kathy is indeed a shining light, illuminating the way for you to find what you are seeking through creativity, art, moon musing, astrology, mid life transition …the list is long!

As a mentor she has the knack of, despite being in the northern hemisphere in Southern California, making you feel as if you are sitting next to her having a good ol’ chat!  She emanates a warmth that feels like a beckoning hand outstretched as she gently guides you to find your path and she also knows how to ask the deep questions! The ones that will make you go deep within, that will make you look at a seemingly small observation you have made and take it apart until you get what it is that you are intuitively being told!

Most importantly though – Kathy makes it FUN!

It is with much heartfelt gratitude that I thank you Kathy! Whether our paths crossed for a reason, a season or the journey I am blessed to have you in my life.


Full Moon in Aries Collage by Michelle

Have you ever taken an online course before and if so, how did this one compare? The other online courses I have taken did not have the wealth of interaction and feedback via their forum.  Thus, I felt isolated and much less inclined to rush to the forum to see what new info/feedback there was today and get started on the next lesson.  I quickly lost interest.

What did you like best about this course? Feeling safe enough to reveal the real me.

What could have made this course better for you? Nothing!  The course work inspired me, your gentle guidance and questions/prompts resulted in me getting in touch with an integral part of my being that I had almost forgotten!

Oil Pastel Interpretation of the Divine Feminine by Michelle

One of the wonderful aspects of this course is that has made me aware of the timing of occurrences each month (eg that I love to sit outside a bath in her glow for the days leading up to full moon, and that Kirra (husky) starts her twilight barking - well howling really and the other dogs in the neighbourhood all answer back! Luna was indeed a glory to behold.

The Forum: I like the forum, being able to get feedback from other Moon Sisters makes it more enriching.

Journaling: Quite simply I love it! I am creatively alive and it has made many positive and joyous changes for me.

Collaging: I have uploaded my New Moon Collage and indeed I found it to be a magickally creative meditative process. Each element holds many riches for me and I was wowed at the way it unfolded.

Divine Moon Muser and eClass student Michelle BuckleyWhat creative and intuitive goals (big or small) have you accomplished or made progress on because of or related to this course?

Your course has brought together a list of creative ideas that have been knocking around in my head for over 12 months. Ideas that I thought of as being separate from each other have been brought them together as combined creations. More to the point is that they are now something tangible ... for that I am eternally grateful.  And of course there are also some little artistic 'off shoots' that I never imagined I would be doing either - drawing, painting and collaging! What a divinely beautiful path my new life has taken.

What’s your future vision for your Divine Feminine Moon Musing Self?

To live from the heart as my authentic self, sharing my creative passions to bring love, joy, healing and empowerment though my work.

What advice do you have for other Divine Feminine Soul Sisters?

The changes we seek start with feeling the love within and respecting ourselves.  By connecting to the Divine Feminine within, we reconnect with our ability and Divine right to be the exquisite, empowered and sensual being we were created to be.

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

One of my favourite quotes:

What you are is what you have been. What you'll be is what you do now! ~ Buddah

More info here: Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul -  “Celebrating the lunar cycles is an important part of building a spiritual framework. Each month we can tune into her cycles to keep ourselves on track. At the new moon we plant our intentions for the month ahead, at the full moon we watch them flower, and at the waning moon we release and share our wisdom with the world. As women we are naturally able to resonate with these cycles in deep and meaningful ways.”

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