How To - A Quick Meditation Pick-Me-Up

A quickie meditation guide to help you balance and recharge your soul and bring you peace of mind. Meditation How-To

1. Find a comfortable place to sit - I prefer my ergonomic typing chair.

2. Light a candle.

3. Burn sage or incense (or say a prayer) to clear and cleanse your space and yourself. I like to say a Native American blessing "May I walk in beauty" as I brush sage smoke under my feet.

4. Call upon divine guidance: God/dess/Divine/Angelic Beings - whatever works for you - the name is not important!

5. Close your eyes and focus upon your breathing - in, out, in out. Let your whole being relax and let go of all tension and worry as if you are floating on a cloud, upon the water or enveloped in a fluffy bath towel as small angelic hands massage and nurture you, body and soul.

6. Next is a quick chakra cleansing. Chakras are seven major energy centers within the body. They process energy and connect us with our spiritual essence and the realm of pure consciousness. I begin by envisioning a ball of pure gold/white light above my head which represents the Divine and then I breath in and let that light change and flow through my chakras. I breathe color and emotion into each chakra as I work my way down through the colors of the rainbow (being an artist I love this part!):

Crown of head - violet - I experience feelings of blissed out knowing, spirituality. Forehead/Third eye - indigo - Feeling in tune with my sixth sense, psychic sight
Throat - blue - Speaking my truth, communication
Heart - green/pink - Feelings of pure love for everything
Solar plexus - yellow - Feelings of inner strength, creation of self
Sacral/Pelvic - orange - Feelings of desire, creativity
Base of spine - red/black - Grounding and connecting with survival instincts

I finally exhale when I reach the base chakra and allow all my tension to empty into the earth as I ground the energy and repeat the exercise starting at the top (above my head) and continuing in a giant circle until all colors and feelings are flowing, focused and clear.

6. If you have a question or concern for the Divine or your guides then you may ask it now and be prepared with paper and pen! I begin my request with a prayer and request that I receive information that is only of the deepest, highest and most profound good for my soul. While you wait for a response, be conscious of any images, feelings or words that come up - this is the message you've been waiting for.

7. Continue to let your consciousness drop as you feel more and more relaxed, letting go and releasing all pain, discomfort and stress, as you continue to let your thoughts flow in and out.

8. To end your meditation say a prayer of gratitude and blow out your candle as you send out a prayer of healing to all those in need.

And voila, you will be refreshed, recharged and ready to continue on with your journey. I wish you many sparkly blessings along the way!